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Protect Your Equipments Against Lightning

Ac Power SPD - 1 Phase/ 3 Phase

Type 1+2 and Type 1+2+3 surge protectors are heavy duty devices, designed to be installed at the origin of the AC installations equipped with LPS (Lightning Protection System). They are necessary to protect sensitive equipments connected to AC network against direct and indirect effects of lightning. EN 61643-11, IEC 61643-11 and UL 1449 ed.3 compliance

Solar DC Protecter

In most installations, the SPD will be necesary or obligatory an will be of type 2. CITEL offers 2 ranges of Type 2 PV surge protectors with a pluggable module design. EN 50539-11 compaliance

Dataline SPD

DIN rail plug-in Surge Protector for dataline/telecom DLA, DLA-IS, DLA2 series. These surge protectors are designed to protect Category 6/ 5E/5 data and commmunication lines running at speeds up to 1000 Mbps IEC 61643-21 compliance

About NewMate

We are the Manufacturers and Suppliers of superior quality Lightning Arrestor, Outdoor Lightning Arrestor. Our Lightning Arrestor is a metal rod, made of copper and , used as part of lightning safety to protect tall or isolated structures (such as the roof of a building or the mast of a vessel) from lightning damage. Lightning is the leading cause of weather related damage to building equipments. With average lightning currents of 15 to 100 kilo amps and heat energy in excess of 20,000oC, the need for improved lightning protection is evidence. We manufacturers high quality Lightning Arrestor..
(1) Highly durable
(2) Cost effective
(3) Superb performance


Founded in 1937, CITEL is an industrial group that engineers, manufactures and sells protection solutions for electrical, networks, telephone (digital & analog) and mobile equipments against electrical transients. These solutions are issued from continuous efforts in research & development, on the component level (such as Gas Discharge Tube), but also on all surge protection ranges to be ahead of our customers needs. CITEL is a worldwide leader in the surge protection market. CITEL has manufacturing facilities in France and in China and has sales office located in France, Germany, USA, China and Eastern Europe.
(1) SPD and GDT manufacturer for several decades
(2)Intenational sales > 80%
(3)Subslidiariess in Germany,USA,China,Russia,India
(4)Internal Test Laboratory Lightning (100 KA 10/350μs)

We Offer

100% Safety for all equipments
Need no fuel
24 hours Automtic Protection
Effective and Internanational Model Technology SPD
Service by our qualified technician
Specially designed models for houses,institute,
factory, etc

Contact for Surge Protection Devices

  Newmate Electro Systems
  Ph: +91 9072391108, 9847040108, 0480 - 2790108
  E mail: newmateelectrosystems@gmail.com
  E mail: info@surgeprotectiondevices.org

 Admin Office: St Johns Forane Church Building,
  Parappukara, Thrissur, Kerala

  Branch: Newmate Electrosystems Edappilly,
  Ernakulam, Kerala
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